Out of the Bag

As we approach one of the most important days of my life, I look back and wish I had some idea or thought of how I would like my wedding to look like. The most stressful decision I have ever had to make was my bridesmaid dresses.  Let’s just say I am so glad that I only have to get married once…the stress is incredible. Especially since I just want everyone to be happy and to enjoy the wedding.

So a piece of advice to all the women out there, please figure out what your color scheme will be prior to getting engaged because it will make the rest of your wedding decisions much easier. Unfortunately, this was one of my many downfalls in the process. It’s okay to dream of your wedding day even if you don’t have a man quite yet. 🙂


But here’s a sneak peek…


Spring Break… Wooo!

Yesterday was the best wedding planning day ever! I took my girls flower girl dress shopping. It was the perfect week because they were on their Spring Breaks. We started the day off with lunch at TGI Fridays: coloring in pictures, discussing the correct pronunciation of cajun, eating, and laughing.

The second stop was David’s Bridal. The girls were apprehensive at first, but soon enough they were strutting as if runway models on a catwalk. And to my relief, both girls loved one dress and one color (which made my decision easier!).

We ended the night by picking up one of the ringbearers and watching the Lorax. You have to love Optimum Free Movie Tuesdays!  Just remember if you are sharing a jumbo soda and popcorn with two kids, you will find yourself with a hungry belly. 🙂


Bell Has Been Rung!

I am so torn with the wedding dress situation. I fell in love with Option Two from Birnbaum & Bullock. Those men know how to make a wedding dress. However, the cost of the dress was out of my budget. Unfortunately, money does not grow from trees.

One of my co-workers told me that when she ordered her daughter’s wedding dress in January, David’ Bridal said that it would not come until June! So I made a rash decision and went back to David’s Bridal on President’s Day by myself.  I needed to find my dress that day because I was cutting it close.

After all the texting between Christy (my sister) and Maria (my cousin), I finally picked a dress. Let’s hope that I do not have buyer’s remorse come June when it comes in!


eeny meeny miny mo…

This past weekend 2/3 of my bridal party were able to come together to help me go dress shopping in New York City. Definitely an experience… walking blocks upon blocks, catching subway trains and taxis. 

We stayed at the The New York Helmsley Hotel. This may have been my favorite part of the weekend, those beds were great. 

As soon as we got to the city, we headed to Blockheads. Great choice by Meryl-Lyn. Great food, great deals for frozen margaritas. We stayed there a little longer than expected and grabbed a taxi to head into our first wedding shop, David’s Bridal in Queens. The cab ride was the best 15 minutes of the weekend. Yudith was  great and was very patient with me and my girls. I tried on every lace dress in the store and finally came out of there with option one.

However the final store we explored, Birnbaum & Bullock, had amazing dresses for all budgets. Every dress at this store was gorgeous in a different way. It was just a matter of choosing which one was the most gorgeous. I came out of there with option two.

So now I have the pleasure of choosing my wedding dress. My deadline is this Friday.

Wish me luck! I am going to need it…


180 Days to Go!

Hello all! Today marks officially, 180 days until our wedding! Today, we launched our wedding website publicly. Yesterday, we celebrated 6 months until the wedding. We spent the day together just outside Hartford, Connecticut. Most of the day was spent in the corner of a cafe playing chess (together for the first time!), reading, and discussing wedding plans. A great day overall. This is really starting to feel like the home stretch! We will (hopefully) be updating this blog much more regularly from here on out. Stay tuned for more announcements in the next few weeks. Sneak peak ahead: wedding colors, save-the-dates, & much more!

~Nick & Mare

Casual Wins!

So, here’s the deal… Our wedding rehearsal at the Basilica is set in stone already for the night before the wedding. The rehearsal starts promptly at 730 PM and ends at 815 PM. Talk about bad timing for a rehearsal dinner. Our families instead have decided to host two separate open houses over the course of Friday afternoon and evening. This way we can welcome family and friends into town in a relaxed atmosphere. Those of us who need to go to rehearsal can disappear for an hour or so, and then come back to enjoy more festivities. This should be a great time to relax, drink good drinks, eat good food, and settle in to the waning hours of being unhitched. We look forward to seeing you on that Friday!

~Nick and Mare

Stone & Glass

We both are home for Thanksgiving this year and got a lot of wedding-related tasks accomplished. The biggest of these tasks was booking the reception hall. We both checked out a number of reception venues all over the South Bend / Mishawaka area, and we finally decided upon the Century Center in downtown South Bend! The Century Center is this huge stone and glass building that looks over the river in downtown South Bend. We are looking forward to planning and hosting an awesome reception there!

~Nick & Mare

Settling Holy Business

Well, after many weeks of trying to figure out what Church we will be getting married in, we finally overcame the hurdle. We will be getting married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Notre Dame, IN. Also, by extension, we have set the date! We are getting married on July, 28th 2012! It’s crazy to think that we actually have a time-line now in terms of preparing for this wedding. Many thanks to Momma E. for her help in getting us set-up at the Basilica, which is also Mary Ann’s home parish. We also have the honor of announcing that Bishop John M. D’Arcy will be celebrating our wedding Mass! Bishop D’Arcy baptized Nick when he was a baby, so things have really come full circle. We have many things to do yet planning-wise, but we are happy to have two of the biggest things finalized.. More updates to come!

 ~Nick & Mare